Download Free eBooks

Download and read free books with Download Free eBooks.  This app puts access to thousands of free books from the Kindle Store, Project Gutenberg, and Feedbooks right at your finger tips. Plus, you can read books acquired from the Kindle Store from the Kindle Cloud Reader, right inside the app. 

This tutorial guide covers the following topics:

  • How to search for free books on Gutenberg
  • How to search for free books on Feedbooks
  • How to browse for free Kindle books
  • How to download free Kindle books
  • How to search for free Kindle books
  • How to read Kindle books using the Kindle Cloud Reader
  • How to put free books on my Kindle Device
  • Why some books are not free

How to find free books on Gutenberg

Gutenberg has a catalog over 60,000 free eBooks focusing on the world’s great literature and with older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. Click the Project Gutenberg (G) icon from the main menu on the left. Then, find books to read and/or download using one of the following approaches:

  • Quick Search: located right on the top toolbar, Quick Search allows you to search a keyword or phrases related to a book title, author, or even content. 

  • Advanced Search: from the top menu, click Search and Browse | Book Search and then choose Advanced Search from the Search window below. You can then search for a combination of multiple book attributes like Author, Title, Subject, Language, Category, etc. 
  • Full Text Search: that is to search Project Gutenberg using search engines. Click Search and Browse | Book Search and choose Full Text Search. Type book information as you would do on a search engine and then click the search button.
  • Bookshelves: a list of curated genres, in which store a collection of books of the same genres. Click Search and Browse | Bookshelves. Browse and click a bookshelf to review the collection. Sometimes, a bookshelf may contain sub-bookshelves to further divide the books in a large category.
  • Frequently Downloaded: Click Search and Browse | Frequently Downloaded. This page contains a list of top downloaded books or authors based on timeframe of yesterday, 7 days, and 30 days

With Gutenberg, you can either read most books in the HTML version in the browser or download them in EPUB, Kindle, or text format.

When you download a book, the app opens a browser window to process the download, just as how you would download any file using the default browser. The downloaded book file is saved in the browser’s default download folder.


How to find free books on Feedbooks

Feedbooks is a digital library and cloud publishing service for both public domain and original books, focusing on ebooks with particularly high-quality typesetting in EPUB, Kindle, and PDF formats. Feedbooks offers over 80,000 ebooks, some of which are free. To access Feedbooks, click the Feebooks (F) icon from the main menu on the left.

You find free books in the collection called the “Public Domain”. Click Catalog | Public Domain to access to four top categories: Fiction, Non-fiction, Most Popular, Recently Added

For each category, click the Show All button to list all books. In both the Fiction and Non-factorion category, books are further categorized under genres like Actions, Science & Adventures, Mysteries & Detectives and etc. Click the corresponding Show All button to view all the books under a particular genre.

When you are at the book collection page of a particular genre, say Fantasy, all books will be divided in batches and displayed in a batch of 50 books per page to let you navigate through the entire collection.

To identify a book of your interest, you can narrow down further by using the filters available at the left side of the page. 

Click a book cover to see the overview of the book. To download a book, simply click the Download button.

How to Browse for Free Kindle Books

The Free Books for Kindle app collects hundreds of free books from the Amazon Kindle store and make them available for easy access. The list of the books are updated on a daily basis. To browse for free Kindle books:

  • First, launch the Free Books for Kindle app
  • Let the app populate with the updated list of free books, a step that should take just a few seconds
  • Use the page navigation control at the top of the app to browse books on the next [>] or previous [<] pages
  • Identify the book you are interested and then click on the book cover to learn more

How to Download Free Kindle Books

  • From the main window where the book list is displayed, click the book you are interested in acquiring to review detailed info about the book
  • From the detailed info window, click the button labelled Get the Book from the Kindle Store
  • This opens the book listing from the Amazon Kindle Store, from where you can acquire the book
  • Although the selected book may be free, you still have to go through a purchase workflow in order to deliver the book to your target Kindle device

How to Search for Free Kindle Books

  • Follow the instructions above to launch the app and let it be populated with the free book list.
  • Locate the search box at the top-right corner of the app and type the keywords of your interest and press the Enter key.
  • Books that matches your keywords will be displayed in the main window.
  • Once you are done, press the Home icon to the left of the search box to clear the search result.

Read Kindle books using the Kindle Cloud Reader

The Kindle Cloud Reader, provided by Amazon, is used to read Kindle books acquired from the Amazon Kindle book store:

  • Click the Kindle Cloud Reader (the Globe) icon on the main menu on the left side. 
  • You will then login to Kindle Cloud Reader using your Amazon account
  • After having logged in, Kindle Cloud Reader displays the entire collection of Kindle books you have ever acquired
  • Click a book to read

How to Put Free Books on My Kindle Device

  • Once you have acquired the book from the Amazon Kindle Store, it will need to be downloaded to your Kindle device or app
  • Turn on your Kindle reader or launch the Kindle app
  • Locate and press/click the Sync icon
  • Wait for the book to be synced down to your device

Why Some Books are not Free

We review and refresh our free Kindle books list on a daily basis. Our database contains hundreds of book titles. Although we strive to keep the list up-to-date, there is always a chance that the Kindle store concludes sales or promotions for certain books right after they have been captured in our list.

We encourage you to use the app from time to time so that you can get the latest free books offered by the Kindle Store.

We are also working hard to expand the list and diversify the genres of the books.