NeoFilm video editing software offers a wide range of options to the users. Using NeoFilm, it is now very easy for the users the edit their videos up to their preferences, and the steps are very straightforward, too. In this article, we are going to share the steps of how you can add Text into the video and also how you can add the text in the part of the videos.

How to add text to a video


Modifications for the text addition method

How to find the right place for the video to add text?

Finding the place of video to add text is very easy if you are using NeoFilm software. You can easily drag it around the video screen and find out the right placement. Alternatively, you can use the control option, which is available at the bottom of the box, if you want to reposition your text.

Note: When you have done, click on the + button again

How do I make the text only appear on some parts of the video?

How to get the text fade in and face out using NeoFilm?

NeoFilm has multiple texts adding and editing options. The most useful one is Text Fade in and Out. If you want to fade in or fade out your text on the screen, first, you will be required to make layers of the video clips.

Over here are the steps how you can achieve this

Here is how you can do this further

How to create an intro slide for your video using NeoFilm?

If you want to create an introduction slide for your video clip, first, you need to make a slide using MS PowerPoint.

After doing this, follow these steps