In the previous articles, we have seen so many different methods of editing the video along with background adding, mixing the audio and applying the audio into a segment of the video track. In some points, We have observed that it is completely e a careful selection of the audio and how your editing it so that the and the results would come up with a quality soundtrack that is going to be fit very well with your on-screen pictures. Also, the entire effect, which appears on the pictures naturally, and making it complete.

Note: here you should keep one thing in mind that while if you mute the separate music of the track, it will not be e displayed on the peak meter

Now when you unmute the music track then play your project, you can hear both soundtracks, which are playing together as a mixed soundtrack, and it’s completely nice to see. In addition, the available music track is completely audible, which established an environment and make up your mood.

While the natural sound of your video is completely audible will also give you a sense of the original force of your video. When you try experimenting with all the above steps, you will find how the video quality is coming by using the NeoFilm video editing software.

Now you can get back to the original selection of your track and its arrangement of clips. You can differentiate the sound selection and the mixing, which you have produced, based on your different choices.