While doing the voice-over narration of the audio and video, we have plenty of options to play with, and in this guide, we will be following some easy methods of how you can use your voice-over narration through NeoFilm video editing software.

In the previous article, we have discussed the feature Open Other. Any click on this option, a separate window or panel will be opened there you will find some others options as well. When you select the option “Open Other” on the left-hand side, you will find more than ten other options, and one of them is Audio/Video Device. 

In this option, it will have two dropdowns; the first one is video input, and the second one is “audio input” and the “video input.” In the video input dropdown, we will have two options one is none, and another is “integrated webcam.” You will find an integrated webcam and, as default, when you select the audio with device option under the open other feature. In the audio input drop down again, you will have two options one is none, and another is microphone (Realtek high definition audio).

Open Other

While we discuss all the left-hand options, the first one, “network,” allows you to capture the video from the remote URL.

Currently, in the NeoFilm video editing software, you will find that it is monitoring your input Mike and it is not capturing the sound. To enable it, you have to open the export panel, which displays the options when you flip it from the available defaults video tab to the audio tab.

Here you need to take care of the file which you want to Export, that it is the correct one which you are generating using the NeoFilm video editing software. With some practice, it will be doubtless for you, and you are all set to start narrating. In addition, if you made any mistake, you can trim that out in the captured audio.