Using NeoFilm, it is possible to add a text filter directly to the video section. As you have seen, you can control the size of the text caption, font style and color, and its exact position on the screen. However, if you do this, the text title will appear and disappear abruptly because the playhead will exit this particular section.

We all have seen the videos where good titles fade on the screen, so how to achieve that effect? Can this be solved with dissolution-change at both ends of the section? Not really, because dissolving is not just the text title, but also the entire audio-video scene, which can greatly affect what should be a continuous visual experience.

Instead, we should finally move away from the single-track center you have been editing so far and use NeoFilm’s ability to merge multiple video tracks.

Here is how to do it:

It happens that the duration of the jet segment we have defined is more than 4 seconds – this is the default duration of the standard image included in a project on the NeoFilm.

Therefore, as you can see here, the image segment is initially slightly shorter than the jet segment below it. You can adjust the image segment by going to the properties of the image and extending it to match the jet section or by pulling the ‘manual’ (which may be easier in this case) until the right edge of the image section matches the cut.

You can repeat this method to add as many text captions as needed to a given video track – in fact, even if the first one is enabled, it’s easy to copy this top image, move the playlist to a new location on the V1 track, and paste its top copy into the V2.