This guide will cover the process of adding introductory title screens and on-screen captions to your videos. Although, you can continue to work with the sample video clip. These basic editing functions are equally useful for a wide range of video genres if only most of them are pointed out.

Editing Titles

The list of ”favorite filters includes some popular filters for adding video, audio track, and HTML overlays. But this is a small subset of the wide range of filters available that filters can be searched/sorted differently using the buttons now found at the bottom of the panel. Here is how you can edit the titles.

Shortcut Text Filter It is necessary to add your own line spaces to the text (otherwise, it will be extended to a single line of text).

NOTE: Keep in mind that this means focusing on the text field, not the overall video screen.


This is what happens when playing in real-time. So when the 4-second start topic is now the way we want it to be, we need to do something about the abrupt change. However, you already know how to turn this into a good melting point: using your mouse on the chronology, you need to drag the introductory image section slightly to the right (or drag the second part slightly to the left), with each other creating a melting of that period.