PDF A Reader & Editor – Product Guide

PDF A is a document reader and editor designed for PDF files and many other file formats like Tiff, CHM, DjVU, Images (png, jpg, etc.) XPS, Fiction Books, Comic Book, Plucker, EPub, Fax and Markdown. PDF A was designed with a user-centric mindset to make viewing, searching, reading, and annotating documents user-friendly and enjoyable.

How to launch the app

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How to open PDF files

  1. Click the File menu
  2. Click Open… to launch the Open Document dialogbox
  3. Navigate to the folder where the PDF file is located
  4. Select the PDF file and click Open

The PDF file will be opened and displayed in the main Window.

How to open multiple files

To offer a versatile user experience, PDF A allows you to open multiple files at once. There are two ways of opening multiple documents.

1. Launch a second instance of the app:

2. Open the additional file from the existing app window:

Either of the two methods opens the second file in its own instance. PDF A supports multiple app instances for as many files as you like, making it easy to work across multiple documents.

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How to navigate PDF documents

There are multiple ways of navigating through your documents:

Turn page sequentially: Use the Page Up or Page Down keys to turn pages sequentially. Or, if you have a mouse with wheel, simply scroll the mouse wheel to go through pages sequentially.

To jump to a specific page:
use the page number control shown above, located either at the top or bottom of the viewer Window. Type the destination page number and press the Enter key.

Use the Table of Contents (TOC): one of the four functions offered by the Sidebar control, shown above, is the TOC. Click the TOC tab to display the Table of Contents, from where you can jump to a specific topic in the list. To ensure that the Sidebar is displayed, click Settings > Show Sidebar or press F7.

Use the Thumbnail display: from the Sidebar control, click the Thumbnail display tab. Browse through the thumbnails and click a thumbnail to view the actual page.

Use the Bookmark control: from the Sidebar control, click the Bookmark tab. Browse through the bookmarks and select a bookmark to jump to a saved location in the document.

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How to view documents

PDF A offers many viewing options that caters to your specific needs for work, study, or leisure. Combining the following settings, you can configure the most optimal setting for viewing documents. All options can be accessed from the View menu while some functions are available from the Zoom Control located in the top right corner of the application:

1. View Mode: this sets the page layout and the choices are:

2. Zooming: Zoom in, Zoom out, or Zoom to a certain percentage:

3. Fitting: how to fit pages within the viewer Window:

4. Trim View – trimming and margins:

5. Full Screen: display the application in full screen mode

6. Presentation: display the content in full screen mode

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How to edit PDF documents

With PDF A, you can copy or add text to a PDF file without modifying its original content.

To copy content: choose one of the three selection modes from the main toolbar

Mark the selection and then press Ctrl + C to copy the content within.

To add text: select the Typewriter control from the Annotation toolbar

To adjust the font of the text, right-click the text area and select the Properties menu, from where you can change font type, font color, and size.

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How to annotate PDF files

PDF A offers a wide range of annotation tools.

For quick highlighting, select the Highlighter tool next to the Selection tool. Navigate to the position where you would like to mark the text and start selecting the text.

Or, use one of the following annotation tools, as listed below from left to right, that are located from the Annotation Toolbar.

Note: the Annotation toolbar can be toggled on or off from the Settings > Toolbars Shown > Annotation Toolbar menu.  

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