The ui_generateurl is useful if you want to generate the session URL, file, or code template, use the dialog “Generate session URL/code.”

If you are looking for an option to open the dialog to generate the code or session URL, use:

Session > Generate Session URL/Code

This command will be used on the main window if you want to generate the code template or session URL for the current session.

Manage > Generate Session URL/Code

Use this command on the Login dialog while generating the session URL or template of code for the selected site.

If you want to open the dialog to generate a file transfer code, use these commands:

Transfer Settings > Generate Code

Use this command if you want to open the dialog that generates the file URL:

File(s) > File Names > Generate File URL

Use this on the main window; it will generate file URL for files, which are selected in the panel of the remote files.

The dialog will show you the following tabs-

  1. URL Tab

  1. Script Tab

The Script tab can be used while you are generating the WinFTP Pro script template for the file transfer or session.

It will include the followings-

  1. .NET Assembly Code Tab

The code will help you in the followings-

  1. Copying Generated URL or Code to Clipboard

  1. Limitations