The S3 Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)

While using WinFTP Pro, the S3 page/option can be seen under the Advanced Site Settings dialog. The S3 page option allows the users to configure the Amazon S3 protocol options specifically. To open this page, you will need to choose the Protocol Amazon S3 file on the login dialog.

Over here, we are mentioning the whole documentation of the S3 page sections

  1. Protocol Options
  2. Further Reading
  3. Protocol Options
  • You can use the default region if you want to specify the default region for the authentication and the new buckets as well.
  • Also, you can use “us-east-1” in case no region has been specified.
  • Use the URL style, if you want to switch to the legacy Path URL style while connecting to the S3-Compatible systems (example- MinIO), which don’t support the “Virtual Host” style, which preferred by Amazon S3 now.
  1. Further Reading

If you want to read more about the Login dialog and the Advanced Site Settings dialog, please browse the next pages.

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