The Recycle Bin Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)

In this post, we will brief the Recycle Bin Page. You will find this option under the Advanced Site Settings Dialog. The software WinFTP Pro can emulate the Recycle Bin functionality of Windows on the server-side. Using this Advanced Site Settings dialog, you can configure the Recycle bin settings. The documentation mentioned below will help […]

Cleaning Up Application Data

The method of Cleaning up the Application Data is very straightforward of WinFTP Pro software. This software enables you to clean your computer’s data with ease and quickly. However, you should take care of one or two things while doing this. Make sure your computer has no active sessions while cleaning the data. No other […]

Properties Dialog

The properties of WinFTP Pro software can be configured by opening Preference dialog and then you will find the option properties. In the properties dialog, you can change and view the properties of the remote files and the directories.  If you want to display the dialog, you may go to File(s) > Properties The Properties […]

The Security Page (Preferences Dialog)

The security Page under Preferences Dialog main pages enables you to create, change, or remove the master password. In WinFTP Pro software, you can always set and update the password by visiting the security page and using some easy steps. Please refer to the following documentation of the security  page for more details: Master Password […]

The Panels/Remote Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Panels/Remote Page or panels remote option can be seen under the Preferences Dialog Page. This option allows you to set and configure the display and options of the behavior of the remote files panel. For more details, you can refer to the following documentation of the panels remote page sections Remote Panel If you […]

The Panels/Local Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Panels/Local Page or panels local helps the users to configure the display and behavioral settings/options of the local files panel. The configuration of local files is easy and requires only a few steps, which you will find under the Preferences dialog. Over here is the further documentation, please refer to the following page sections […]

The Environment Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)

In this post, we are going to describe the environment page and its complete documentation. While using WinFTP Pro software, you will find the Environment Page under the Advanced Site Settings dialog. This page allows users to configure the WinFTP Pro adaptation for the particular server/environment. You can find some more environmental options, which are […]

The Directories Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog)

The Directories Page or directories allows you to configure the initial session directories. Also, you can configure the way how the directory content can be read. You can find the Directories page on the “Advanced Site Settings” dialog. Over here is the complete documentation of the directories page sections Directories Directory Reading Options Further Reading […]

Advanced Site Settings dialog

This post is about the Advanced Site Settings or advanced dialog. You can use this dialog to configure the advanced settings of the site. Once you click on the Advanced Button on the login dialog, you will get this dialog. It will help you while setting up the new sites or you are editing an […]


The Applications Integration Page (Preferences Dialog) The Applications Integration page under the Preferences dialog has the option, which you can use to configure how WinFTP Pro integrates with other applications. It is particularly doable with other terminal clients and PuTTY. Over here is more documentation of Application Integration page sections External Applications PuTTY/Terminal Client Path […]

The Panels/File Colors Page (Preferences Dialog)

WinFTP Pro software has so many options and settings for the users. This post will guide you about the file colors dialog or The Panels/File Colors Page dialog, which comes under the Preferences Dialog. According to the file mask, this option helps you to configure the rules to the color files on the file panel. […]

Location Profiles Dialog

The dialog Location Profiles is an optional use under the commander interface. You can use this option, as an alternative to the Bookmark dialog.  This Location Profile dialog will show you all the bookmarks. In addition, it allows you to create the location profiles, which contains the local and remote both the directories at a […]