Month: December 2020


The Directories Page (Advanced Site Settings dialog) The Directories Page or directories allows you to configure the initial session directories. Also, you can configure the


Advanced Site Settings dialog This post is about the Advanced Site Settings or advanced dialog. You can use this dialog to configure the advanced settings


The Applications Integration Page (Preferences Dialog) The Applications Integration page under the Preferences dialog has the option, which you can use to configure how WinFTP


The Panels/File Colors Page (Preferences Dialog) WinFTP Pro software has so many options and settings for the users. This post will guide you about the


The Internal Editor Page (Preferences Dialog) In this post, we are going to describe the internal editor dialog. When using WinFTP Pro software, you will


  Synchronization Checklist In this guide, we will learn about ui_synchronize Dialog usage and steps. In the synchronize Dialog, you will find the direction of


Configuring Session (Login Dialog) You can configure your session using the login dialog, start WinFTP Pro, and then open Login dialog. This dialog may have


Location Profiles Dialog The dialog Location Profiles is an optional use under the commander interface. You can use this option, as an alternative to the


Transfer Settings Dialog You can use the Transfer Settings Dialog to configure the followings: Here are the default transfer settings Settings, which are available for


Server and Protocol Information Dialog In this ui_fsinfo post, we will see how the Server and Protocol Information Dialog work. In this dialog, you will see all